Our History

Over 50 years ago, Dave Schalow had a love for plants and a dream to own a business. Now, 50 years later, Schalow's Nursery is a fixture in the Marshfield community. Dave and Carole Schalow were young and ambitious in the spring of 1965, when they moved into their new home and started Schalow's Nursery. At that time, they had no idea how substantially the business would grow and that their new venture would become such a prominent fixture in the Marshfield community.

At first, Schalow's Nursery was a home-based business. Dave Schalow worked out of his garage with two employees. The only assets the company had were an old truck and trailer. In addition to running Schalow's, Dave also continued to work at Consoweld in Wisconsin Rapids. Carole Schalow was in charge of bookkeeping and sales. They ran Schalow's Nursery like this for 12 years, until 1977, when they decided to grow the business, and their family, into what it has become today.

To anyone who has driven past Schalow's Nursery, it is obvious that the business no longer runs with an old truck and trailer out of a garage. Today, the fleet is green and growing. The Schalow's team manages all phases of landscaping, maintenance, lawn mowing, lawn installation, hardscape and irrigation. Customers are easily able to fulfill all aspects of their landscaping needs within Schalow's Nursery. There is a knowledgeable, friendly staff to provide superior service for every aspect of the process, from the original design through final implementation.

In addition to the physical changes of the Schalow's building and properties, there have also been many technological changes. Schalow's Nursery no longer uses paper and pencil for business procedures and landscape design. Instead, they have ample computer programs to enhance the design process and make the business run more smoothly. The Schalow's team and employees continue to attend educational seminars at trade organizations. The business is constantly evolving and striving to keep up with the demands of the customers.

Fifty years after they first opened the Schalow's Nursery doors, Dave and Carole Schalow are still active and involved in the business. They are often seen throughout the community in the familiar green Schalow's truck. They are also involved with sales, maintenance scheduling and occasionally making a trip for materials needed for an upcoming landscape project. Over the years, despite all the changes, challenges and growth, Dave's favorite part of the business has remained the same. He enjoys working with the people in the community, getting to know them and helping to fulfill their landscape expectations. Schalow's Nursery has fulfilled and exceeded any dreams Dave and Carole once had and they take great pleasure in being able to realize the dreams of their customers as well.

A new generation of Schalow's, Gordon and Mark Schalow, are now operating the business. We are always looking to innovate and grow Schalows to better serve our customers and community. Expansions, including our Garden Center, were made in 2016 to better serve Central Wisconsin.